Friday, November 2, 2018

520 Slick on Nov. 2, 2018

They make it look so easy. John is jumping and inverted and slapping the hand of Joe.
Looks so easy. This is the accumulation of about 1/2 hours worth of work.  Combined with numerous hours of both of them working hard to get the skills needed to do this. Joe, the one not kiteboarding had it easy, he just basically had to jump, and reach up to slap Johns hand. John who has likely accumulate hundreds of stunt hours to be able to put himself at the right height to do this. It still took numerous attempts to get this shot.

The stunt or trick may be hard, but if you quit, you will never succeed. There is also nothing wrong with taking a break from the effort, either.

For those who have little to no desire for jumps and stunts, that is absolutely fine. How you kite board for fun is completely up to you. If someone tells you that at your experience level, you should be doing this or that, ignore them. It is about what you enjoy while at the bar. Some will never be happy until they ate 100 feet in the air, if that is not what you want, so be it. Just be the best kite boarder you want to be.

There were some foilers, but the wind pretty much kept them away from me today.

For the wind surfers out there, if you are able to aim directly at me while I am aware of you approach, I will do my best to grab a picture of you. I just ask that you do you best to make sure that you do not splash me.

One good thing, it turns out it is the lens malfunctioning from the splash. It's replacement should be here in about 1 week. I am soo happy about this.

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