Sunday, June 3, 2018

520 Slick on June 3rd, 201

Big kites were needed today at the 520 slick. We had about 10 mph winds that were not constant.
But a lot of fun was still had today. A few foilers were out having a blast.

The wind was a tad bit light, but if you cant kite surf, wind surf.

Or go kayaking.
While awesome, it can be a bit mundane. Lets add a kite to the kayak and go Kite Kayaking.

After a few bad starts, Jon of JP Kiteboarding gets it right.

And then everyone else got a turn.

During my time here there were a few others who got out and had some fun today.

We also had Tim of 321 Kiteboarding finishing up with his students.

We had G and another Good Breeze instructor out today with students.

And here is Tim, Kicking back until his student arrived just as I was heading out.
I took over 200 pics today. I posted a good amount on my smugmug account at JeffreyTPhotography. If you think I am missing any there hit me up and I'll add what I have.

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